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Solve these tricky puzzles to boost Kratos’ health and rage meters

God of War Ragnarök brings back the tantalizing yet infuriating Nornir Chest puzzles, which will allow you to increase your health and Rage meters. Extended Pin Chain

God of War Ragnarök Nornir Chests locations and puzzle solutions guide - Polygon

To unlock these chests, you’ll need to interact with three objects — be it a series of bells, totems, or braziers — in the chest’s relative vicinity. By solving the puzzle, you’ll be able to claim your treasure and improve Kratos’ chances of survival.

Nornir Chests can reward one of two items: Idunn Apples (which increase your health meter) or Horns of Blood Mead (which increase your rage meter). The game alternates which one it gives you based on the previous Nornir Chest you opened. So even if you get the Nornir Chests in a different order than we display below, you’ll never get two Idunn Apples back to back. Each time your meters go up, you’ll need more of the resource for the next upgrade. So the first time you’ll only need one of each, but then you’ll need two, three, and so on to upgrade your health and rage further.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find every Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarök and how to solve the associated puzzles, plus learn some general tips for solving Nornir Chest puzzles across the nine realms.

God of War Ragnarök, like God of War (2018), is a game all about exploring various realms multiple times, and uncovering more and more on each visit. This makes posting guides — and screenshots — a bit tricky. Because Kratos wears his gear on his person, there are times where you may see an item in a screenshot that you don’t have access to yet.

However, despite this challenge, we’re going to do our best to preserve the God of War Ragnarök experience for first time players. We’ve listed out each location based on when you visit it, and will create a clear spoiler marker for second and third visits so you can skip over areas you haven’t been to yet.

God of War Ragnarök features five different kinds of Nornir Chests. You’ll need to interact with three items in the environment for each, but the type of item varies with the different types of chests. Below we’ve listed out some tips for taking on these Nornir Chests based on their type.

The Totem Chests are by far the easiest in God of War Ragnarök. Once you find the Nornir Chest, all you need to do is look around for the nearby Totems. They are always relatively close by.

Our only real tip for these is to look behind objects like waterfalls and geysers (which you can freeze with your axe. Santa Monica Studio loves to hide these Totems behind things.

Switch Nornir Chests are the second easiest to deal with and just require a bit of memorization. Look at your Nornir Chest and remember the Rune symbols you see. You can also take a quick screenshot on the PS5 and pull it up via the screenshot tool as a super quick reference if you forget!

Armed with knowledge, look for the giant switches (which the game also tends to hide behind things). Spin them until you reach a rune you recognize, then move onto the next. If this doesn’t end up opening the chest, consider checking the runes again to make sure you didn’t mistake an N Rune for an n Rune or something like that.

Bell Nornir Chests are relatively straightforward and easy to find, namely because the bells are so damn big. However, they can definitely cause you some trouble if you don’t activate them in the right order. Each of the three Bells for each Nornir Chest rings for a different amount of time. So you almost always want to ring all three from the start, listen for how long the sound goes for each one, and then ring them in order from longest to shortest.

In this guide, we’ve tried to organize the Bells in the order we think you should hit them.

Brazier Nornir Chests are brand new to Ragnarök, and can only be activated by the Blades of Chaos. The idea here is that you use the Blades’ heavy ranged attack to set the torch aflame. There are two tricks to this kind of Nornir Chest.

First, be warned water will extinguish any lit braziers. There are certain puzzles where you’ll need to freeze water and keep it frozen in order to stop it from putting out your hard work. In puzzles like this, we mention the order we recommend you should light the braziers in.

The bigger pain in the ass with this type of Nornir Chest comes when you have to light braziers that are far away. Eventually you’ll gain access to hex arrows, which let you paint a sigil on a wall that you can then detonate with your Blades of Chaos. Unfortunately, the Blades are chained to your wrist and thus can’t extend very far. You’ll need to chain these hex sigils (you can place up to three) between a point you can hit with your Blades of Chaos and the Brazier, which can be pretty finicky.

Sigils glow and rotate quickly if they’re overlapping, which is a good way to tell if you’ve lined them up properly or not. You can also make hex sigils bigger by shooting multiple arrows at them — up to two extra times, drastically increasing the base size. However, by making the hex larger, you also destabilize the sigil a bit, causing them to automatically detonate after a bit. Bigger hex sigils are easier to deal with, but you need to be quick and efficient with them. Have a plan and full arrows before you fire.

If you’re really struggling with these, consider upgrading Atreus’ quiver to hold four arrows instead of three as early as possible.

Another new kind of Nornir Chest, these totems regenerate too quickly for you to destroy all three — at least when you first start out. You’ll need a different kind of tool to interact with these Nornir Chests, which you won’t get until later in the game. (The game will tease you with these types of chests in early parts of Svartalfheim and Alfheim, however.)

We’ll update this section with a spoiler marker and more details before you’ll get far enough to need our help.

Svartalfheim is the first area where you’ll really be able to collect and explore things in God of War Ragnarök, and is therefore the first realm where you can increase your max health and rage with Nornir Chests. There are 10 in this realm, and you’ll be able to get six your first time through.

Use the Mystic Gateway to get to the Aurvangar Wetlands and grab the boat on the beach. Paddle until you reach the first area you can embark on, which will be on your right immediately preceding the water wheel.

When you get off on the island, freeze the geyser and jump over to the other side. Hang a right and jump a small gap to reach a small landing with a Nornir Chest on it.

For the first Totem, walk backward away from the Nornir Chest and back toward the geyser you just jumped over. Freeze the geyser next to the one you previously froze (on your left, if you’re facing the river) and you’ll reveal a grapple point in the cliff. Climb up and turn to your left. Sitting next to a large tree, you’ll see the first totem. Break it with your ax.

With the first totem broken, return to the Nornir Chest and face it. On your right, on the nearby cliff, you’ll see the second totem. Break it.

Further away and on your left, on the island directly behind the Nornir Chest, you’ll see the third totem. Break it and open the Nornir Chest.

Progress along the Aurvangar Wetlands river until you reach the bend that takes you right toward Nidavellir. Instead of going to the dwarven city, look for a little cave in the rock and row your boat into it. Park your boat when you reach the beach.

Walk forward until you reach the destroyed dwarven structure. You’ll see the Nornir Chest sitting directly in front of it. The symbols for this one are: right flag, B, and N.

For the right flag switch, look to your right from the Nornir Chest and walk toward the giant cog buried in the ground. Freeze the geyser and you’ll see the switch. Recall your Leviathan Axe and throw it through the geyser to hit the switch. Freeze the water again to check on the rune. Repeat this process until the switch shows the little right flag rune seen above.

Turn left from the cog and the first switch. You’ll come across a large pit — which you likely cleared of enemies when you first landed here — but don’t jump down. Instead, look at the cliff on your left and you’ll see another switch. Hit it until you see the B rune.

Return to the Nornir Chest and take the path to the far left, grappling up the side of the rock. Walk forward and turn around to face the largest part of the volcanic rock formation. You’ll see a switch sitting up there, clear as day. Hit it until you get the N rune.

When you first leave Nidavellir via boat, take a right and land at the first location you can. This is Dragon Beach, named for the dope dragon statue and the massive dragon skeleton nearby.

Clear the area of enemies and then walk under the bridge. Here you’ll find another totem Nornir chest.

To break the first totem, turn around and head toward the water, staying between the two landing zones. You’ll see a geyser sitting behind a crane. Freeze the geyser with your ax to spot the totem. (Or just take our word for it and chuck your ax blindly through the water. You won’t get in trouble.)

The second totem can be a little tough to see. If you turn right from the Nornir Chest and freeze the geyser near the dragon statue, you’ll see the totem behind a metal grate, but you won’t be able to break it. Walk around the opposite side of the statue until you can see its tail. To the right of the tail you should see the totem poking out of the grass. Use your ax to destroy it.

Back by the Nornir Chest, look up and to your left for another geyser. Freeze it and you’ll find the third totem lurking behind it. Reclaim your ax to unfreeze the water, then aim carefully. Break it and you’ll gain access to the Nornir Chest.

Land by The Watchtower dividing island in the Bay of Bounty. Then, instead of taking the Watchtower path from Sindri’s shop, go up the hill and head to Radsvinn’s Rig. To the left of the rig, overlooking Lyngbakr Island, you’ll find a brazier Nornir Chest.

The first brazier is directly next to the Nornir Chest, on your left. Use your Blades of Chaos to light it.

Walk behind the Mining Rig and then take a left on the back part of the lower deck. You’ll see some barrels blocking a hole in the wall. Use Atreus’ sonic arrows to create a hole and reveal the second brazier. Light it.

From the back deck, walk to the left and climb up to the upper deck. Look over to the right, by the cliff, and you’ll see a brazier stuck behind a metal fence. Move as far left as you can to get a vantage point on the explosive barrel also inside the grate. Hit it with your ax to light up the brazier and unlock the chest.

At the very north of the Bay of Bounty you’ll come across a small area called Alberich Island. There won’t be much to do here at all until later in the game, but you can get the bell Nornir Chest immediately. You’ll find it just to your right when you land on the beach.

The first bell is also the longest ringing bell, and it’s located immediately to your right from the Nornir Chest. Hit it.

Do a 180º turn from the Nornir Chest and look for the crane. Hanging from this crane is your second bell. Use Atreus’ sonic arrows to cripple the crane and bring the bell down to a level where you can hit it. This is the second-longest bell, so ring it after the first.

The third bell is both the shortest ringing and the most annoying to get. Take a right from the crane and look at the back of the area, across from the beach where you landed. Use your ax to hit the paddle switch on the left two times, raising the bell to where you can hit it. Quickly recall the ax and hit the bell third to unlock the chest.

Follow the path into the Jarnsmida Pitmines and you’ll eventually walk face-first into a Nornir Chest — the game is trying to teach you the brazier mechanic you already learned at the Rig. You can either skip the chest by walking right, or you can open it by lighting the three brazier. Let’s do the latter.

The first brazier is to the left of the Nornir Chest. Light it on fire and move on.

Drop down to the left of the Nornir Chest and ignore the Brazier sitting under the water in front of you. Turn left again and use the grapple point to cross to the other side of the area. Look up on the cliff to find the second brazier. Use your Blades of Chaos to light it.

Grapple back over to the Brazier you skipped, which is left of the grapple point when you return. It’s sitting under the water wheel, which is constantly pouring water. Use your Leviathan Axe to freeze the water above the Brazier and then light it. Once all three Braziers are lit, the three Seals will break and you’ll be able to safely recall your ax and claim your loot.

Alfheim is the second major location you’ll visit in God of War Ragnarök. It has seven total Nornir Chests, but you’ll only be able to open four of them on your first visit. You will run into a fifth, but you won’t be able to open it just yet.

When you first enter Alfheim via the mystic gateway, take the path up the ramp toward the Temple of Light. When you reach a wall you can squeeze through, do it, and then immediately turn left and jump off the ledge.

You’ll land right in front of a Nornir Chest. This is one of the brazier chests, which requires you to light three nearby braziers to open.

The first brazier is immediately behind you if you’re looking at the Nornir Chest. Turn around and you’ll see a brazier hidden in the rocks. Use your Blades of Chaos to light it.

Turn to face the Nornir Chest again, but this time walk past it until you reach the wall. Look left and off the side of the cliff. You’ll see a brazier sitting there waiting for you to light it. Oblige the brazier.

The third brazier is quite a ways above the second one, and you can see it if you look up. You can light it from here if you have access to Hex arrows. But if this is your first visit to Alfheim, you’ll need to go around the long way.

Head back up to the path you were on before jumping down to the Nornir Chest and proceed forward toward the Temple of Light. When you find yourself on an elevated platform with a circle on it, drop down via the left route rather than the forward one. Here, you’ll be able to get close enough to the brazier to light it, which will allow you to access to the nearby Nornir Chest.

Partway through the Temple of Light, you and Tyr will knock down some statues to make a bridge. Across the other side, you’ll see a Nornir Chest very obviously placed in your path.

This is another of the game’s bell chests. You’ll need to hit all three so they ring simultaneously.

Before you do anything, run down to your right and break the sonic ore off of the first bell, which is in a little alcove next to the purple crystal. Once that’s done, return to the Nornir Chest.

While standing in front of the chest, ring the first bell by throwing your ax at the purple crystal.

Recall the ax as quickly as you can while stepping to your left. You’ll see the second bell on the nearby balcony to your left. Throw your ax at it.

Recall the ax from the second bell as quickly as you can and immediately hit the third bell, which is right next to the Nornir Chest. If you get all three fast enough, you’ll be able to open the Nornir Chest.

In The Below area, you’ll come across a hallway with a Bell in it early on, and see the Nornir Chest on the other side. Remember that it’s there and proceed along the main path instead. When you come up to some grapple points on a bunch of rocks, get to the other side and then drop down as far as you can by walking off the lip to your right. Here you’ll find the Nornir Chest, a Bell, and the gate leading to the first Bell you saw.

As we mentioned, this is a bell Nornir Chest, and you’re going to need to do a little bit of prep work for this one. Before you do anything, turn around and unlock the gate that’s right next to the Nornir Chest. This will save you some time later.

Leave the Nornir Chest and climb back up to the grapple points. Once you remove the dark elf corruption, climb along the main path again, which will take you to a higher point. When you land, look in the window ahead of you and you’ll see the first and furthest bell. Drop down and look to your right. Open the gate here before you do anything else.

With your way clear, ring the first bell, recall your ax, and run like hell back to the Nornir Chest. (Take the path to the right).

Climb down all the cliffs as fast as you can and ring the second bell, which is right next to the Nornir Chest.

As soon as you hear the second bell ding, recall your ax and look into the tunnel that you just opened the gate to. Throw your ax at the third bell, which is sitting on some red rocks.

If you do all of this quickly enough, you’ll be able to open the chest and claim your loot.

In The Barrens, make your way to the island that’s between the giant skeleton in the upper-right and the small elf temple in the upper-left. At the front of this building, you’ll see the Nornir Chest up on a cliff ledge.

This is another brazier Chest, and it’s pretty simple to open if you know where to look.

The first brazier is just to the left of the Nornir Chest. Turn around and light it.

From the Nornir Chest, walk around to the right of the building. Eventually you’ll come across a brazier sitting on a fallen column. Get close and light it with your Blades of Chaos.

Continue along from the second brazier to the back of the building. Line up the three dark elf corruption pods and throw your ax through all three at once.

With the corruption purged, return to the front of the building so you can view the Nornir Chest. Look up at the roof and you’ll see the third brazier, and a red pot sitting next to it. Throw the Leviathan Axe at or direct Atreus to shoot the pot to ignite the brazier.

Vanaheim is an absolutely massive realm, packed to the gills with stuff to do. But outside of the massive River Delta side area — which you’ll gain access to defeating a major boss in the story — there’s only two Nornir Chests to nab on your first visit.

Vanaheim’s first Nornir Chest is located in The Southern Wilds, and you’ll only be able to access it at night.

Make your way through the area from The Southern Wilds mystic gateway. Before you reach Freyr’s Camp, you’ll bump straight into the Nornir Chest, which is sitting up against a rock wall. It’s on the main story path and you won’t be able to miss it.

This is a switch chest. You’ll need to rotate switches so they display the C, R, and n symbols.

The C switch is just to the left of the Nornir Chest. Look up and to the left, to the small rock overhang on the other side of the path. You’ll see the switch just sitting there. Spin it until the C rune appears to break the seal.

The second switch is a 180º degree turn from the first one. To the right of the Nornir Chest, look up on the small rock cliff. You’ll see the switch highlighted by the light of the moon. Hit it until it shows a lowercase n.

Looking straight at the Nornir Chest, turn around, and backtrack toward the mystic gateway. Before you round the corner, look up and you’ll see some blue bramble covering the final switch. Burn the bramble with your Blades of Chaos and flip the switch until it shows the R rune.

With all three switch in the correct position, head back to the Nornir Chest to collect your reward.

Along the main path in the Abandoned Village, after you take the zipline from the giant stone arena, you’ll come across a crane that has a flaming beacon attached to it. You’ll need to use this crane to solve the nearby Nornir Chest, which the game actually hides from you across the other side of the water.

This is another brazier Chest. You’ll need to light all three torches in order to unlock the seals.

The first brazier is difficult to see from where you can actually hit it (hence the image above). When you first come across the crane and its flaming lantern, you should be on the boardwalk looking across the way to some flammable bramble.

Move the flaming lantern until it’s right in front of you, or just to the left of the boardwalk — close enough for you to move it with your Blades of Chaos. Attach your Blades to the lantern and swing it left. This will cause it to swing into and ignite the nearby brazier.

Move the crane so that you can use the grapple point to jump over to the left island, where you’ll find a dead body. Then move the crane so that the flaming lantern is on the left side, near the giant tree roots and in front of the bramble. Swing the lantern backward to light the bramble so you can solve the puzzle.

Before you move the crane again, attach your Blades of Chaos to the lantern and swing it left into the tree roots. This will light another semi-hidden brazier.

Return to the boardwalk where you started and move the crane until you can grapple across to the other side of the river. Walk forward and then turn right. Follow the path down and you’ll see the Nornir Chest under the boardwalk on your right. If you look left, you’ll see the third brazier just sitting there amongst the flora. Burn it and then open the chest.

The Nornir Chest in the Cliffside Ruins is a little tricky, as the switches can be a little tough to find. You’ll find it deep into the River Delta side quest area of Vanaheim, on an island that bars the pathway to the rest of the area.

As previously mentioned, this is another switch chest, and you’ll need to accurately match the runes on all three switches if you want to get to the treasure inside.

The first switch is immediately to the right of the Nornir Chest. Jump across the gap behind you and look back at the chest. On the right side you’ll notice some of the red moss that you can only burn away with hex arrows. From across the gap, shoot the moss with sigils to make a trail. When the trail is within reach, jump back across and ignite the hex sigils with your Blades of Chaos to free the switch.

Once it’s free, set it to the rune that looks like R.

The second switch is embedded in the ground, and is hard to spot — unless you’re in one specific place. Climb to the second floor of the area and jump onto the pillars with the fancy metal bannisters on the side. Jump across them until you reach the one closest to the cliff wall with the chain on it. (If this is your first time here, the chain will be covered in red moss.)

Instead of looking up at the chain, look down at the ground, where you’ll see the switch. Spin it until it displays the F Rune.

The third switch is the easiest to spot. Jump back in your boat and sail over to Brok’s shop, where you’ll find a mystic gateway. Once you make landfall, turn around and look back at the Cliffside Ruins. You’ll see the switch sitting on the edge of the water. Hit it until it looks like a little flag.

When you reach Goddess Falls at the end of the River Delta, and climb all the way up to the top, you’ll find a Nornir Chest sitting among the ruins to the right of the big door.

This is another brazier chest. You’ll need to light all three torches to get your precious loot.

The first brazier is immediately to the right of the Nornir Chest. You’ll see it on a little island in the distance, too far for your Blades of Chaos to reach. Paint some hex sigils — one on the torch itself, then on the two smaller islands between you and the brazier. Ignite the nearest one to light the torch.

Head back to the giant vine-covered stone door that leads to the next area (the one you need Freya to open). Move to the waterfall to your right and look up. At the top of the falls, behind the rainbow, is the second brazier. You’ll need to stack your hex sigils multiple times for this one. Paint sigils on the brazier, then on the rocks on the way down the falls. Once you’ve made a sigil you can reach, and stacked them all three times, ignite the brazier.

The third brazier is to the left of the big vine door in the middle of the area. Make your way to the little wooden chest, then paint some hex sigils from where you’re standing all the way out to the brazier. This should give you enough range to ignite it. Do so and then claim your prize.

When you leave Goddess Falls, take the right path instead of going back down the River Delta. This will take you into the Veiled Passage, which has a Nornir Chest in it. Land on the first beach you can, which is to the right, to reach the chest — a bell chest.

This is a rather strange Nornir Chest, as you can actually ring all three Bells with a single throw of a nearby pyro bomb, if you do it correctly.

First, paint a hex sigil on the red moss on the right side of the bells, which are located up and to the right of the Nornir Chest itself, on the cliff wall. Burn the moss away with the pyro bomb combined with the hex.

Then, grab another bomb and stand right behind the Nornir Chest (behind the gold ore, which you can also explode). Paint a large hex (three stacks) in the middle, a large hex on the right, and another large hex on the left. With the entire board covered in hex, throw the bomb in the middle to ring all three bells at once.

Midgard has several Nornir Chests to collect, just like the other realms. However, the Nornir Chests in Midgard see a noticeable step-up in difficulty. You’ll have to be a lot more creative in how you solve these chests, many of which require deft use of hex arrows.

The Raider Hideout Nornir Chest is one of the most complicated, as it uses the pyro bomb mechanic that you likely haven’t seen since the “Weight of Chains” side quest in Svartalfheim. Once you clear out all the enemies in here, swap your arrows to hex and get ready for some careful aiming.

The Nornir Chest is on the stone lip in the cave, on the left side if you’re looking from the cave’s entrance. It’s another brazier chest, and you’ll need to light all three if you want the reward.

The first brazier is just to the left of the Nornir Chest. Use your hex sigil arrows and Blades of Chaos to burn the fungus surrounding the torch. Then walk to the middle of the cave and grab one of the pyro bombs out of the pot. Walk back to the brazier and throw the bomb at it to light it.

The second brazier is trapped behind some gold ore in the middle of the cave. Head over to the pyro bomb pot and grab an explosive. Chuck it into the gold ore hole (to the right of the Nornir Chest) to reveal the brazier.

Throw another bomb into the hole to actually light the brazier itself.

The third brazier is one of the trickiest in the game. Grab a pyro bomb from the pot and then walk backward toward the exit. To your right, you’ll see a deep pit that leads to a giant stone column. On top of that column? The brazier. Use Freya or Atreus to paint hex sigil arrows on the brazier and all the way down the column. (Remember that you can stack sigils up to three times each to increase their radius.) With the column painted, throw the pyro bomb and try to hit one of your hex sigils. If you do this correctly, you’ll create a chain explosion that will light the brazier.

With all three braziers lit, claim your treasure from the Nornir Chest.

Make your way to The Oarsmen location, which you can get by jumping right when you reach the statue of Tyr in the Shores of Nine location.

When you go down the stairs and find the mystic gateway, you’ll be ambushed by some raiders. Kill them and then fully complete this side area. Once you’ve got Sigrun’s key and have opened the gate connecting the two sides, you can complete the Bell Nornir Chest.

There is some setup for this one, but before you do anything, go to where you found Sigrun’s key and destroy the sonic barricade with an arrow.

For the first bell, position yourself on the little outcropping a few feet in front of the mystic gateway. When in position, turn around and throw your ax at the bell in the dark crack in the wall, which is just to the left of the mystic gateway.

Quickly recall your ax from the first bell and walk up to the nearby wooden chest on the balcony. Look right and throw your ax at the second bell.

Quickly recall your ax again and look left from the wooden chest. To the left of the tall statue and the right of the torch, you’ll see the third bell. Ring it. If you do this fast enough, you’ll be able to open the Nornir Chest.

You’ll be able to find the Well of Urd Nornir Chest before you actually know the area is called the Well of Urd. From Sindri’s shop in the Lake of Nine, travel north. When you hit a wall, turn right. You’ll see a climbable wall.

If you do a 180º from the climbable wall, you’ll see the Nornir Chest nuzzled in the darkness. This is another brazier Chest.

The first brazier is directly behind the Nornir Chest, to the left of the climbable wall. It’s nestled in some snow and is pretty easy to spot if you’re looking.

Climb to the top of the mountain but don’t slide through the crack in the wall that will eventually lead you to the Nornir. Instead, turn left and look up at the mountain wall in front of you. On one of the peaks you’ll find the brazier. Light it.

From the second brazier, drop down to the lower level and look to your left. Above a tree you’ll see the third brazier nuzzled in the wall. Light it.

With all three lit, drop down again and grab the Chest.

Once you have Sigrun’s keys from The Oarsmen and The Derelict Outpost, make your way to The Lost Treasury just south of Tyr’s Temple. When you reach the area, step up on the lip and look right to find the Nornir Chest.

This puzzle is a little tricky, as it’s incorporated with the “Sigrun’s Curse” puzzle as well. It’s another brazier Chest, and you’ll need to light all three to get the goodies.

Walk up to the giant gold disk and spin it to the right. When it’s in position, climb it up to the second level and open the doorway ahead of you. Walk through to the other side and look up at the middle wall. You’ll see the brazier nestled in some snow. Use your hex sigil arrows to create an explosion that sparks the brazier.

Jump back down to the Nornir Chest and slide the gold disk all the way to the left. To the right of where you’ll be able to attach your Blades of Chaos, sitting on the wall, is the second brazier. Use your hex sigil arrows to light it.

The third brazier is through the damn door locked behind the golden disk. To open it and get inside, climb up the disk when it’s in the left-most position — where you had it when you lit the second brazier. When on the second level, walk to the other side and find the loose pillar that you can attach your Blades of Chaos to. Swing the pillar forward and over the ledge, then jump back down near the Nornir Chest.

Slide the gold disk to the right and it’ll bump into the pillar, leaving the giant crack as a doorway. However, the door is still barred with a mechanism. Go to the crank in the middle of the area and pull it toward you. Paint a hex sigil on the cog on the wall to the left of the gold disk and throw your ax at it to freeze it. Quickly recall your ax and chuck it at the other cog on the right side. Let go of the crank and sprint into the doorway before the left cog unfreezes.

Once you’re inside, destroy the lock to open the door for good, allowing your companion to come in. Turn left while looking out the door and use hex sigil arrows to light the brazier sitting in the corner.

Many hours into God of War Ragnarök, you’ll need to return to Svartalfheim to visit The Forge with Brok. Here, you’ll craft a powerful new weapon. This new weapon is a crucial traversal tool, but it’s also great for opening Nornir Chests, as there’s a specific kind of totem that you can only destroy with it.

God of War Ragnarök Nornir Chests locations and puzzle solutions guide - Polygon

Chain Came Off Roller Blind When you head back to Svartalfheim with Brok, before you enter The Forge, you’ll come across a Nornir Chest in the Myrkr Tunnels. If you miss this chest the first time through, there’s a trap door in The Forge area right next to where the train that took you to the Pitmines.